Sucheta Kripalani's Testimonial to Gandhi

"One point which everybody felt -- educated, uneducated, people of all levels who came in touch with him -- was his (Gandhi's) abounding love. Everybody felt that he is my own and we mean to him something, that any little thing of ours is precious to him. Every human being was precious to him and there was a big horizon of love in which he kept people in; that was number one quality. Then he was also a teacher. We have had so many outstanding leaders in the last generation, but I don't think anybody else had the quality to develop the best qualities in you. He assessed you, gave you the kind of work you were capable of and guided you all the time. That is why he was able to build up such a big cadre of workers."

Sucheta Kripalani (1908-1974), From an interview in "Understanding Gandhi: Gandhians in Conversation with Fred Blum," edited by Usha Thakkar and Jayshree Mehta, p 463, Sage Publications, 2011.