Raihana Tyabji's Testimonial to Gandhi

"If there is anybody about whom I can say is my ideal of a human being, it is Bapu...His never-failing tenderness, never-failing respect for human personality, no matter who it was, from the lowest Harijan. In fact I never saw in Bapu any difference between high and low. I regard him as a very great yogi, and the longer I live and the more I come to know about these things, the more convinced I am that Bapu is one of the greatest yogis ever lived, because the things which he did could only have been done by a yogi of very high order. His whole consciousness was so utterly unique. I never saw him disturbed."

Raihana Tyabji (1901-1975), From interview in "Understanding Gandhi: Gandhians in Conversation with Fred Blum", Edited by Usha Thakkar and Jayshree Mehta, p 162-163, Sage Publications, 2011.