Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's Testimonial to Gandhi

"The greatest fact in the story of man on earth is not his material achievements, the empires he has built and broken, but the growth of his soul from age to age in its search for truth and goodness. Those who take part in this adventure of the soul secure an enduring place in the history of human culture. Time has discredited heroes as easily as it has forgotten every one else; but the saints remain. The greatness of Gandhi is more in his holy living than in his heroic struggles, in his insistence on the creative power of the soul and its life-giving quality at a time when the destructive force seem to be in the ascendant."

- Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888-1975)
(Included in The Educational Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi by M.S. Patel)

Jawarhalal Nehru's Testimonial to Gandhi

"This little man of poor physique had something of steel in him, something rock like which did not yield to physical powers, however great they might be. And in spite of his unimpressive features, his loincloth and bare body, there was a royalty and a kingliness in him which compelled a willing obeisance from others. Consciously and deliberately meek and humble, yet he was full of power and authority, and he knew it, and at times he was imperious enough, issuing commands which had to be obeyed. His calm, deep eyes would hold one and gently probe into the depths; his voice, clear and limpid, would purr its way into the heart and evoke an emotional response."

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Sucheta Kripalani's Testimonial to Gandhi

"One point which everybody felt -- educated, uneducated, people of all levels who came in touch with him -- was his (Gandhi's) abounding love. Everybody felt that he is my own and we mean to him something, that any little thing of ours is precious to him. Every human being was precious to him and there was a big horizon of love in which he kept people in; that was number one quality. Then he was also a teacher. We have had so many outstanding leaders in the last generation, but I don't think anybody else had the quality to develop the best qualities in you. He assessed you, gave you the kind of work you were capable of and guided you all the time. That is why he was able to build up such a big cadre of workers."

Sucheta Kripalani (1908-1974), From an interview in "Understanding Gandhi: Gandhians in Conversation with Fred Blum," edited by Usha Thakkar and Jayshree Mehta, p 463, Sage Publications, 2011.

Sushila Nayar's Testimonial to Gandhi

"His (Gandhi's) basic thinking was that individual is a part of the little bit of that universal divine, a divinity within man, and it is that basic concept of the divinity within man which has to be developed, which has to be brightened, so that he becomes a part of the universal divine. And if you do, if you establish a connection with that universal divine, then your part becomes unlimited."

Sushila Nayar (1914-2001), from interview in "Understanding Gandhi: Gandhians in Conversation with Fred Blum," Edited by Usha Thakkar and Jayshree Mehta, p 336, Sage Publications, 2011.

Raihana Tyabji's Testimonial to Gandhi

"If there is anybody about whom I can say is my ideal of a human being, it is Bapu...His never-failing tenderness, never-failing respect for human personality, no matter who it was, from the lowest Harijan. In fact I never saw in Bapu any difference between high and low. I regard him as a very great yogi, and the longer I live and the more I come to know about these things, the more convinced I am that Bapu is one of the greatest yogis ever lived, because the things which he did could only have been done by a yogi of very high order. His whole consciousness was so utterly unique. I never saw him disturbed."

Raihana Tyabji (1901-1975), From interview in "Understanding Gandhi: Gandhians in Conversation with Fred Blum", Edited by Usha Thakkar and Jayshree Mehta, p 162-163, Sage Publications, 2011.