Mahatma Gandhi: An American Profile by Srimati Kamala
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Mahatma Gandhi, the courageous and saintly man who led the 400 million people of India to freedom by the spiritual authority of his soul’s total dedication to Truth; who aroused the conscience and inspired the love of people all over the world…His message, neither foreign nor remote, is the very foundation of “American philosophy.”

In a unique and fresh appreciation of the “return waves” of Truth that link the mental continents of India and America, Srimati Kamala presents the essential teachings of the Mahatma and describes how the same beliefs which nourished Gandhi were shared by our Native Americans (Asiatics, by the way, who trekked across what is today the Bering Strait some 20,000 years ago) and, much later, by the “Boston Brahmins” Emerson and Thoreau.


“Yours Faithfully, M.K. Gandhi” by Srimati Kamala
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This book is a companion to Mahatma Gandhi: An American Profile, a gathering of my written explorations and perspectives of Gandhiji’s life (Golden Lotus Press, 1987). It also represents further ruminations from the completion of the thirty most subjectively enriching years of my life service as Director of the Gandhi Memorial Center in Washington, D.C. from 1976 to 2006.

I think you will understand why I begin this book with what is more apparently an ending. The following letter was sent to the many friends, supporters and subscribers to the life of our institution as I handed over my formal duties. Even so, it serves as Introduction, acquainting you with the vital milieu and fellowship that developed our institutional life and character.

Working to represent the Mahatma’s life message has been for many of us in America as well as in India an adventure of self-realization, an adventure that will continue to grow and expand.

Personally, through my love, dedication and identification with his life Gandhiji became a spiritual companion, even a mentor to me, faithfully guiding and inspiring my work.

Some years ago while reading some correspondence – probably from the Collected Volumes of Gandhi’s letters – I noticed a closing where he wrote, “Yours faithfully, M. K. Gandhi.” I seemed to internalize the message, feeling that he spoke to me personally. The feeling has remained and in fact enlarged for Gandhiji’s noble soul will invite the faithful inner self of the “generations yet to come” – anyone willing to join the Great Soul’s greatest adventure – to the life of self-discovery in the vastly infinite yet companionable Truth. This book is Gandhi’s own message as faithfully as I can present it.