The only way one can serve the ideal and life message of Mahatma Gandhi is with life, life individual and life shared, for there is no growth without sharing in the oneness of life. The kinship of your idealism is the greatest gift of your life.

All the gifts we have received, gifts of services and supportive interest in our mission, have built the life of the Gandhi Center. We all enjoy the kinship of idealism with the enormous circle of friends whose knowledge and unfoldment, charitable efforts and offerings will forever be the most valued treasures and resources of our institution.

The staff of the Foundation and the Gandhi Memorial Center are dedicated workers who serve without remuneration through the year. 

We need and deeply appreciate your continued support of our mission to serve the manifestation of what nourished and inspired the Mahatma‚ his own heart and mind, universally.

The Foundation will gratefully receive your contribution. We are a federally registered nonprofit cultural and educational organization with 501c(3) tax exempt status. 

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The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Foundation, Inc.
4748 Western Avenue
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Your gift is always needed and appreciated.

In addition to the programs and activities of the Gandhi Memorial Center, the following are projects that have been/are supported by us.

In India:

Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Medical Science
& the Kasturba Health Society, Wardha
Center of Science for the Villages (Magan Sangrahalaya), Wardha
Gujarat Vidyapith (the deemed university founded by Gandhiji in 1930), Ahmedabad
Institute of Dhrupad (The Dhrupad Sansthan Trust), Bhopal

In the United States:

Scholarships for Service and Global Peace Studies at American University
Funding of study or work in areas of Indian Classical Arts
Funding to facilitate visitations to institutes of Gandhian work and studies in India